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Research Challenges and Opportunities


School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of                               
the University of Ottawa, Canada


There is no doubt that mobile computing will replace PC-based computing for the average consumer. Already, more than half of the world population use cell phones or other mobile devices, more mobile phones are used to browse the Internet than PCs, and the average person is more likely to use a handheld device than a PC for a variety of applications. Mobile devices, which today have integrated video cameras, 3D hardware accelerators, fast CPUs, large memory, BlueTooth and/or WiFi, as well as the rapid advancement in wireless networking technology such as 3G and 4G networks, have contributed to this trend. At the same time, we are witnessing a move towards the mass consumption of 3D media. While traditional applications such as email, web browsing, music, and video remain popular, there is a significant rise in applications such as 3D video, 3D Virtual Environments, and games. Despite the promising nature of 3D media, significant challenges remain to be solved in order to bring them to the next generation computing platforms: mobile devices. In this talk, we will see some of those challenges from a technical perspective, and briefly present some possible solutions.


Dr. Shervin Shirmohammadi, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, is Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Ottawa, Canada, and conducts research in Multimedia Systems and Networks, specifically in video systems and networks, gaming systems and networks, and their applications in tele health care. His research, which has been funded by more than $10 million from both public and private sectors, has led to over a dozen technology transfers to the private sector, a number of awards, more than 200 publications, and over 75 Highly Qualified Personnel trained at the postdoctoral, PhD, Master's, and research engineer levels. He is Associate Editor of ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Associate Editor of Springer's Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications, and Technical Program Associate of ACM Multimedia, among other positions. He is Co-Director of the Multimedia Communications Research Lab (MCRLab), and Associate Director of the Distributed and Collaborative Virtual Environment Research Lab (DISCOVER Lab). Dr. Shirmohammadi is a University of Ottawa Gold Medalist, a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a Professional Member of the ACM.